Imagine having an accurate speedo read-out in your vehicle that you can also rely on to give you plenty of warning when approaching safety hazard areas including:■ Fixed speed safety cameras ■ Mobile speed safety cameras ■ School safety zone warnings ■ Red light safety cameras ■ Laser Speed Detectors ■ High Accident Zones ■ Car Hijack Zones ■ Smash And Grab Zones ■ Store your own safety warningsDriving Test ImageAs South Africa’s roads become busier and more congested, more and more of these hazard areas are being regulated and closely monitored by authorities than ever before. So now it’s vital to stay alert at all times to slow down and avoid accidents, as well as costly traffic fines and the loss of valuable penalty points from your licence, under the demerit system that the Department of Transport has undertaken to introduce later this year.These real dangers make even the shortest journey a stressful driving experience, particularly when you’re driving in unfamiliar territory. What you need is an accurate speedo display at all times to make sure you’re within speed limits and instant, reliable information on any safety hazard areas that may be ahead.Driving Licence Test ImageOver 140,000 drivers rely on Road Angel every day to accurately deliver this information straight to their dashboard. Using 100% legal Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) navigation technology, the Road Angel has become highly regarded as a valuable road safety device. It has won numerous awards, and in a recent research test over six months, and after 1.6 million kilometers, it was found that drivers with a Road Angel had 50% fewer accidents and 74% fewer traffic infringements.Drivers with Road Angel are less stressed, more confident and safe in the knowledge that they will be alerted to hazard areas well in advance.


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